Monday, January 21, 2013

New JWS area editors and editorial board members

The Journal of Web Semantics is pleased to announce new area editors and editorial board members. Area editors oversee important subtopics in the journal's scope -- soliciting and encouraging submissions, managing the reviewing process and recommending decisions. Editorial board members provide advice on directions and policies for the Journal and serve as expert reviewers for submitted papers.

Joining the Journal as area editors are:
Stepping down as area editors are Peter Mika (Yahoo! Research), mc schraefel (University of Southampton) and M. Schroeder (Technische Universität Dresden). We thank them for their years of service to the Journal and semantic web research community as area editors.

Joining the editorial board are Lalana Kagal (MIT) and Bijan Parsia (University of Manchester). Guss Schreiber, who was one of the original members of the editorial board, is stepping down after ten years of service.