Using the Semantic Web for Linking and Reusing Data Across Web 2.0 Communities

Uldis Bojars, John G Breslin, Aidan Finn


Large volumes of content (bookmarks, reviews, videos, etc.) are currently being created on the "Social Web", i.e. on Web 2.0 community sites, and this content is being annotated and commented upon. The ability to view an individual's entire contribution to the Social Web would be an interesting and valuable service, particularly important as social networks are often being formed through created content and things that people have in common ("objectcentred sociality"). SIOC is a Semantic Web research project that aims to describe online communities on the Social Web. This paper describes how SIOC and the Semantic Web can enable linking and reuse scenarios of data from Web 2.0 community sites, and introduces a SIOC Types module to further specify the type of content items and act as a "glue" between user posts and the content items created and annotated by users.

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Type of Paper: Discussion Paper
Keywords: RDF; Semantic Web; SIOC; Social Software; Web 2.0
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