Towards Content Trust of Web Resources

Yolanda Gil, Donovan Artz


Trust is an integral part of the Semantic Web architecture. Most prior work on trust focuses on entity-centered issues such as authentication and reputation and does not take into account the content, i.e. the nature and use of the information being exchanged. This paper defines content trust and discusses it in the context of other trust measures that have been previously studied. We introduce several factors that users consider in deciding whether to trust the content provided by a Web resource. Our goal is to discern which of these factors could be captured in practice with minimal user interaction in order to maximize the quality of the system’s trust estimates. We present results on a study to determine which factors were more important to capture, and describe a simulation environment that we have designed to study alternative models of content trust.

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Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Trust; Content Trust; Web of Trust; Semantic Web
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