Hermes: DataWeb search on a pay-as-you-go integration infrastructure

Thanh Tran, Haofen Wang, Peter Haase


The Web as a global information space is developing from a Web of documents to a Web of data. This development opens new ways for addressing complex information needs. Search is no longer limited to matching keywords against documents, but instead complex information needs can be expressed in a structured way, with precise answers as results. In this paper, we present Hermes, an infrastructure for data Web search that addresses a number of challenges involved in realizing search on the data Web. To provide an end-user oriented interface, we support expressive user information needs by translating keywords into structured queries.We integrate heterogeneousWeb data sources with automatically computed mappings. Schema-level mappings are exploited in constructing structured queries against the integrated schema. These structured queries are decomposed into queries against the local Web data sources, which are then processed in a distributed way. Finally, heterogeneous result sets are combined using an algorithm called map join, making use of data-level mappings. In evaluation experiments with real life data sets from the data Web, we show the practicability and scalability of the Hermes infrastructure.

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Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Keyword search; Structured search; Web of data; Data integration;
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