Anomalies in Ontologies with Rules

Joachim Baumeister, Dietmar Seipel


For the development of practical semantic applications, ontologies are commonly used with rule extensions. Prominent examples of semantic applications are Semantic Wikis, Semantic Desktops, but also advanced Web Services and agents. The application of rules increases the expressiveness of the underlying knowledge in many ways. Likewise, the integration creates new challenges for the design process of such ontologies, but also existing evaluation methods have to cope with the extension of ontologies by rules.

Since the verification of OWL ontologies with rule extensions is not tractable in general, we propose to verify ontologies at the symbolic level by using a declarative approach: With the new language DATALOG*, known anomalies can be easily specified and tested in a compact manner. We introduce supplements to existing verification techniques to support the design of ontologies with rule enhancements, and we focus on the detection of anomalies that especially occur due to the combined use of rules and ontological definitions.

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Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Evaluation; Verification; Ontology engineering; OWL; RIF-BLD; SWRL;
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