Contextualized Knowledge Repositories for the Semantic Web

Martin Homola, Luciano Serafini


Abstract: We propose Contextualized Knowledge Repository (CKR): an adaptation of the well studied
theories of context for the Semantic Web. A CKR is composed of a set of OWL 2 knowledge bases, which
are embedded in a context by a set of qualifying attributes (time, space, topic, etc.) specifying the
boundaries within which the knowledge base is assumed to be true. Contexts of a CKR are organized by
a hierarchical coverage relation, which enables an effective representation of knowledge and a flexible
method for its reuse between the contexts. The paper defines the syntax and the semantics of CKR;
shows that concept satisfiability and subsumption are decidable with the complexity upper bound of
2NExpTime, and it also provides a sound and complete natural deduction calculus that serves to
characterize the propagation of knowledge between contexts.

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Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Semantic Web; knowledge representation; description logics; context
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