Learning the emergent knowledge from annotated blog postings

Tae-Gil Noh, Seong-Bae Park, Se-Young Park, Sang-Jo Lee


Emergent knowledge does not come from a particular document or a particular knowledge source, but
comes from a collection of documents or knowledge sources. This paper proposes a system which combines
social web content and semantic web technology to process the emergent knowledge from the
blogosphere. The proposed system regards blog postings as experiences of people on particular topics.
By annotating postings in the selected domains with ontology vocabularies, the system collects experiences
from various people into an ontology about people and experiences. The system processes this
ontology with semantic rules to find the emergent knowledge. Users can access previously unavailable
facts, concepts and trends which are emerging from social web content by using the proposed system.

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Type of Paper: System Paper
Keywords: Emergent knowledge; Social web; Ontology; Semantic search; Ontology learning
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