Ontology driven semantic profiling and retrieval in medical information systems

Mehul Bhatt, Wenny Rahayu, Sury Prakash Soni, Carlo Wouters


We propose the application of a novel sub-ontology extractionmethodology for achieving interoperability
and improving the semantic validity of information retrieval in the medical information systems (MIS)
domain. The system offers advanced profiling of a user’s field of specialization by exploiting the concept
of sub-ontology extraction, i.e., each sub-ontology may subsequently represent a particular user profile.
Semantic profiling of a user’s field of specialization or interest is necessary functionality in any medical
domain information retrieval system; this is because the (structural and semantic) extent of information
sources is massive and individual users are only likely to be interested in specific parts of the overall
knowledge documents on the basis of their area of specialization. The prototypical system, OntoMOVE, has
been specifically designed for application in themedical information systems domain. OntoMOVE utilizes
semantic web standards like RDF(S) and OWL in addition to medical domain standards and vocabularies
encompassed by the UMLS knowledge sources.

Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Semantic contextualization and profiling; Medical information systems; e-Health information systems; Ontology; Semantics; Knowledge representation and data models; Interoperability
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