DIVE into the Event-Based Browsing of Linked Historical Media

Victor de Boer, Johan Oomena, Oana Inel, Lora Aroyo, Elco van Staverenc, Werner Helmich, Dennis de Beurs de Beurs


DIVE is a linked-data digital cultural heritage collection browser. It was developed to provide innovative access to heritage objects from heterogeneous collections, using historical events and narratives as the context for searching, browsing and presenting of individual and group of objects. This paper describes the DIVE Web Demonstrator1. We also discuss how the collection metadata the demonstrator uses are enriched through a hybrid work ow. The demonstrator uses semantics from these enriched collections, their vocabularies and linked data vocabularies to establish connections between the collection media objects and the events, people, locations and concepts that are depicted or associated with those objects. The innovative interface combinesWeb technology and theory of interpretation to allow for browsing this network of data in an intuitive "innite" fashion. DIVE focuses to support digital humanities scholars in their online explorations and research questions.

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Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Digital History, Heterogeneous Data Cloud, Digital Hermeneutics, Historical Events, Crowdsourcing
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