The Ten-Year OntoFarm and its Fertilization within the Onto-Sphere

Ondřej Zamazal, Vojtěch Svátek


OntoFarm is a collection of heterogeneously structured ontologies describing the same domain (conference organization). It has been repeatedly used for benchmarking purposes within the OAEI conference track, but also in several other projects. Ten years after the initial launch of the collection seems to be adequate time to collect and summarize feedback on its usage, benets and shortcomings. Besides the analysis of the involved ontologies proper and of the related literature, we performed a survey among the users of OntoFarm addressing the current role of the OntoFarm collection and its prospects for the future.

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Type of Paper: Ontology Paper
Keywords: Semantic Web, OWL Ontology; Dataset; Benchmarking; Ontology Matching
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