What Would It Mean to Blog on the Semantic Web?

David R. Karger, Dennis Quan


The phenomenon known as Web logging ("blogging") has helped realize an initial goal of the Web: to turn Web content consumers (i.e., end users) into Web content producers. As the Semantic Web unfolds, we feel there are two questions worth posing: (1) do blog entries have semantic structure that can be usefully captured and exploited? (2) is blogging a natural way to encourage growth of the Semantic Web? We explore empirical evidence for answering these questions in the affirmative and propose means to bring blogging into the mainstream of the Semantic Web, including ontologies that extend the RSS 1.0 specification and an XSL transform for handling RSS 0.9x/2.0 files. To demonstrate the validity of our approach we have constructed a semantic blogging environment based on Haystack. We argue that with tools such as Haystack, semantic blogging will be an important paradigm by which metadata authoring will occur in the future.

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Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Ontology development; Semantic Web; Description Logics
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