OWL-Eu: Adding Customised Datatypes into OWL

Jeff Z. Pan, Ian Horrocks


Although OWL is rather expressive, it has a very serious limitation on datatypes; i.e., it does not support customised datatypes. It has been pointed out that many potential users will not adopt OWL unless this limitation is overcome, and the W3C SemanticWeb Best Practices and DevelopmentWorking Group has set up a task force to address this issue. This paper makes the following two contributions: (i) it provides a brief summary of OWL-related datatype formalisms, and (ii) it provides a decidable extension of OWL DL, called OWL-Eu, that supports customised datatypes. A detailed proof of the decidability of OWL-Eu is presented.

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Type of Paper: Research Paper
Keywords: Ontologies; Semantic Web; Description Logics; Customised Datatypes; Unary Datatype Groups
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