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JWS ranked highly in the 2015 Google Scholar Metrics data

Google released its 2015 Google Scholar Metrics data, which estimates the visibility and influence of journals and selected conferences using citations to articles published in 2010-2014. The JWS is 14th in the Google-defined Databases and Information Systems category and 17th among all venues whose names contain one of the words web, semantics, knowledge, intelligence or intelligent.  
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JWS 2014 impact factor increases to 2.55 (Thompson Reuters)


Thomson Reuters released their  2015 Journal Citation Report which shows that the Journal of Web Semantics impact factors has risen to 2.550 and its five-year impact factor has increased to 2.464.

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Automatic Acquisition of Class Disjointness PDF
Daniel Fleischhacker, Heiner Stuckenschmidt, Johanna Völker
A Bootstrapping Approach to Entity Linkage on the Semantic Web Research Paper PDF
Wei Hu, Cunxin Jia
C3D+P: A Summarization Method for Interactive Entity Resolution Research Paper PDF
Gong Cheng, Danyun Xu, Yuzhong Qu
An Unsupervised Instance Matcher for Schema-free RDF Data Research Paper PDF
Mayank Kejriwal, Dani Miranker
DeFacto - Temporal and Multilingual Deep Fact Validation PDF
Daniel Gerber, Diego Esteve, Jens Lehmann, Lorenz Bühmann, Ricardo Usbeck, Axel-Cyrille Ngonga Ngomo, René Speck
DIVE into the Event-Based Browsing of Linked Historical Media Research Paper PDF
Victor de Boer, Johan Oomena, Oana Inel, Lora Aroyo, Elco van Staverenc, Werner Helmich, Dennis de Beurs de Beurs
Mining the Web of Linked Data with RapidMiner Research Paper PDF
Petar Ristoski, Christian Bizer, Heiko Paulheim
Neighborhood-User Profiling Based on Perception Relationship in the Micro-blog Scenario Research Paper PDF
Jianxing Zheng, Bofeng Zhanh, Xiaodong Yue, Guobing Zou, Jianhua Ma, Keyuan Jiang
Semantic Reasoning on Mobile Devices: Do Androids Dream of Ecient Reasoners? Research Paper PDF
Carlos Bobed, Roberto Yus, Fernando Bobillo, Eduardo Mena
SACI: Sentiment Analysis by Collective Inspection on Social Media Content Research Paper PDF
Leonardo Rocha, Fernando Mour˜ao, Thiago Silveira, Rodrigo Chaves, Giovanni Sa, Felipe Teixeira, Ramon Vieira, Renato Ferreira
Substructure Counting Graph Kernels for Machine Learning from RDF Data Research Paper PDF
Gerben Klaas Dirk de Vries, Steven de Rooij
The Description Logic SHIQ with a Flexible Meta-modelling Hierarchy Research Paper PDF
Regina Motz, Edelweis Rohrer, nn@nn.nn Severi
The Mannheim Search Join Engine Research Paper PDF
Oliver Lehmberg, Dominique Ritze, Petar Ristoski, Robert Meusel, Heiko Paulheim, Christian Bizer
The Rationale of PROV Research Paper PDF
Luc Moreau, Paul Groth, James Cheney, Timothy Lebo, Simon Miles
Using Semantic Data to Improve Cross{Lingual Linking of Article Clusters Research Paper PDF
Evgenia Belyaeva, Aljaz Kosmerlj, Andrej Muhic, Jan Rupnik, Flavio Fuart