Vol 9, No 2 (2011)

Special Issue: Provenance

Table of Contents

Research Papers

Guiding the Representation of n-ary Relations in Ontologies through Aggregation, Generalization and Participation PDF
Paula Severi, José Fiadeiro, David Ekserdjian
BNOSA: A Bayesian Network and Ontology based Semantic Annotation Framework Research Paper PDF
Quratulain Rajput, Sajjad Haider
Supporting Domain Experts to Construct Conceptual Ontologies: A Holistic Approach Research Paper PDF
Ronald Denaux, Catherine Dolbear, Glen Hart, Vania Dimitrova, Anthony G Cohn

Ontology Paper

Design and use of the Simple Event Model (SEM) Ontology Paper PDF
Willem Robert van Hage, Véronique Malaisé, Roxane H Segers, Laura Hollink, Guus Schreiber

System Papers

The QALL-ME Framework: A Specifiable-Domain Multilingual Question Answering Architecture System Paper PDF
Oscar Ferrandez, Christian Spurk, Milen Kouylekov, Iustin Dornescu, Sergio Ferrandez, Matteo Negri, Ruben Izquierdo, David Tomas, Constantin Orasan, Guenter Neumann, Bernardo Magnini, Jose L. Vicedo

Special Issue: Provenance

Editorial - Using Provenance in the Semantic Web PDF
Paul Groth, Yolanda Gil
Modelling Provenance of DBpedia Resources Using Wikipedia Contributions Research Paper PDF
Fabrizio Orlandi, Alexandre Passant
Robust and Scalable Linked Data Reasoning Incorporating Provenance and Trust Annotations Research Paper PDF
Piero A Bonatti, Aiden Hogan, Axel Polleres, Luigi Sauro
Provenance-Based Reproducibility in the Semantic Web Research Paper PDF
Luc Moreau
Enhancing Workflow with a Semantic Description of Scientific Intent Research Paper PDF
Edoardo Pignotti, Peter Edwards, Nick Gotts, Gary Polhill