Call-for-Ontology papers

Call-for-Ontology papers

Ontology papers should be around 6-8 pages (in Elsevier double column format)

The purpose of these papers is to expose and encourage the use of an ontology that is deployed in the real world, and/or to show how ontology developers or users benefited from Semantic Web Technologies. These papers thus should be short, descriptive papers. The ontologies themselves may be written in any formalism.

These ontology papers should include:

  • the general structure of the ontology;
  • the intended applications of the ontology;
  • Interesting properties or insights arising from the ontology, its creation, life cycle or its deployment and application.
  • The actual ontology itself for co-publication with the paper as supplementary material (strongly recommended for long term archiving purposes) and a permanent link to where the ontology can be found publicly on the web.
  • Clear date and versioning information

The ontology papers could include:

  • modelling issues raised and/or resolved;
  • modelling patterns and techniques,
  • advantages of the chosen formalism,
  • Case studies of the deployment of the ontology, and similar topics.