The purpose of systems papers is to present semantic systems that have been widely adopted and/or generated significant interest in the Semantic Web community.

Systems papers should be around 8-10 pages (in Elsevier double column format).

Systems papers should satisfy the following requirements:

·          they should describe an implemented system that is used in practical applications,

·          the system should rely on Semantic Web technologies.

Systems papers should include:

·          a description of the system itself,

·          a description of the technical architecture of the system,

·          a description and statistics of any data sources used by the system,

·          a comparison to the state of the art and/or evaluation of the system, preferably based on realistic application(s) and existing benchmarks, and including a user study if the system is an end-user application.

·         references to resources related to the system such as system docmentation, source code, or videos explaining the usage of the system