Wednesday, August 8, 2012

JWS adds section for letters to the Journal

The Journal of Web Semantics is introducing a new letters section as a  place to publish comments on recent Journal of Web Semantics articles that have appeared either in print or online.  Such letters might present corrections or errata, identify problems or errors, provide complimentary evidence for claims, and/or raise interesting points for discussion.  Where appropriate, the Editors in Chief will invite the authors of the original article to compose a reply to a letter and publish both together.

Letters and associated responses should be submitted using the Journal of Web Semantics' submission site by selecting the 'letter' article type.  Both letters and their responses will normally not exceed four JWS-formatted pages.  Where a longer length is required by the subject, it may be allowed at the discretion of the Editors in Chief.   Both will be reviewed for content and appropriateness by the letters area editor and/or the Editors in Chief.  In some cases, we may also ask for one or more peer reviews.

Due to limited space, the Journal of Web Semantics cannot publish all submitted letters and responses in the printed journal. Some may be selected for online publication only on the Journal's preprint Web site.

The content of both the letter and any response is the responsibility of their authors and subsequent publication in the Journal of Web Semantics does not imply the Journal's agreement or endorsement.