Monday, September 30, 2013

New preprint: User Interfaces for Semantic Authoring of Textual Content

A new paper is available on the Journal of Web Semantics preprint server.

Ali Khalili and Sören Auer, User Interfaces for Semantic Authoring of Textual Content: a Systematic Literature Review, Web Semantics: Science, Services and Agents on the World Wide Web, to appear.

Practical approaches for managing and supporting the life-cycle of semantic content on the Web of Data have recently made quite some progress. In particular in the area of the user-friendly manual and semi-automatic creation of rich semantic content we have observed recently a large number of approaches and systems being described in the literature. With this survey we aim to provide an overview on the rapidly emerging field of Semantic Content Authoring (SCA). We conducted a systematic literature review comprising a thorough analysis of 31 primary studies out of 175 initially retrieved papers addressing the semantic authoring of textual content. We obtained a comprehensive set of quality attributes for SCA systems together with corresponding user interface features suggested for their realization. The quality attributes include aspects such as usability, automation, generalizability, collaboration, customizability and evolvability. The primary studies were surveyed in the light of these quality attributes and we performed a thorough analysis of four SCA systems. The proposed quality attributes and UI features facilitate the evaluation of existing approaches and the development of novel more e ective and intuitive semantic authoring interfaces.